Doñana Upholstery Group is a company founded in 1996. Since then, the company has experience steady and vigorous growth.

Today, it is formed by 40 workers and two partners with a broad background in the upholstery sector of more than 30 years, despite being a relatively young company has extensive experience that those responsible give it.

In addition to the human resources in Group Upholstery Doñana, we put special emphasis on the continuous improvement of our facilities and investment in material resources. For this reason we currently have modern facilities about 4000 meters approximately perfectly equipped both in security systems and media work.

Our organizational structure allows us to offer the private market label products with design and high competitive prices with a service range of the most high quality due to our trained staff and constantly updated, thus providing the flexibility and adaptability to all types of customers, environments and needs.

Currently Group Upholstery Doñana is a national brand of upholstered furniture recognized, which since 2007 has been introduced in prestigious international firms through foreign trade. Our intervention in this continues and today we are very excited by continuing conquering our industry outside our borders.

We hope the confidence we have always shown our customers will be increased, and this new project meets all expectations.

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