All our frames are made from solid wood of first quality cut and treated in our carpentry. Its connections are spindly, and crimped to achieve a long-term structure. The thickness of the frames is tailored to each model, according to the specific needs of construction.


All of our seats are composed of two types of sprigs: the hand tied, and reinforced frame. The spring tied to hand ensures the comfort of the furniture upholstered, thanks to its traditional elaboration. The spring reinforced frame, achieved through a careful process industrial, confers to the models durability robustness necessary for optimum performance, without forgetting the comfort that characterizes our products.


There are two types of fill for our cushion:

  • 1. Mixture of goose down and hollow fibber, beaten in the air by next-generations machines. The exact proportion of materials allows the best relax.
  • 2. Iron of polyurethane with a density of 35 kilograms per square centimetre, covered by a layer of fibber, which guarantees durability, comfort and convenience.

In order to offer the maximum guarantee to our customers, we have designed a system of removable legs applicable to most of our products. This way makes it easy to transport and with a simple change of legs this gives more durability to furniture.


All the padded parts of our furniture are coated with polyurethane foam, properly approved.