If you wish a long-lasting sofa, chair or armchair, please read this article before acquiring anything. We are going to show how to chose the right piece of fabric for your furniture as a professional would choose.
But first you must check if your furniture construction was made in wood, if the frame is strong enough, if the foam is in good state… This is the most difficult part, due to the most important point is buying some new long-lasting furniture for your home.
Most people think that the high reputation of the shop is enough to acquire a good fabric, but it is not true at all. What you must check is the category of the fabric. The classification is made according with the longevity of the fabric, and if they are fashionable or not. The longevity of the fabric is important to ensure the long life of your sofa, chair, or armchair, and it will also affect the price.

Our advice is to buy a resistant fabric if you don’t plan to pay an extra price for a new one in the future.

Now, this are the steps that you must follow when you buy your fabric.

1. Choose between a medium average of use fabric, or a continuous use.

Ask first if the cloth is light, or if it is for a continuous use. Only you know your home and your house mate habits.  If you have children, pets or an active way of life  you must better try with a continuous use fabric.

For example, you should never use a silk fabric in a living room used for common family meetings. Son 100% cotton fabrics are designed for light use, and they are good for pillows or cushions but  not for sofas.

If you are looking for a long-lasting fabric, your best option will be a thick fabric, resistant to an intensive use.

Choose a fabric for average use or continued

2. Consider the color depending on how you use it on the couch.

Choose your fabric according an strategy. Wonder if you loathe strident colors soon, or if by the contrary you are so loyal to your favorite colors that you can have them at home for a long time.

If you want to keep  your furniture for long time, the best option is using plain colors or short rapports, almost plain. You can complete it adding more colors or prints in to the chairs, or decorative accessories.

Color can change the appearance of the sofa. A classical sofa can become fashionable and trendy if you use a cheeky color, as pink, turquoise or yellow.

Using any color to create some mood is another good a idea. Dark blue and navy blue are perfect for a sofa in a beach house. Depending on the situation of the sofa, and the finish of the furniture,  sofas will seem light or dark,  modest or chic.

color couch

3. Fabric Rapport

Most people refuse printed fabrics with special rapport to upholster their furniture. Nevertheless, current trends include flashy design for most decorative styles, including ethnic, geometrical …

If you are in love with any pattern,  check that you can use this rapport in the model of sofa that you ‘ve chosen. For example,  one sofa with straight lines will match better with a sofa with straight angles or geometrical, while a sofa with round forms will match better with flowers or big prints, to acquire a modern and chic appearance.

Choose a fabric for average use or continued

4. Texture

There’s no limit in the variety of available textures of fabric existing currently.

The recommendation is that the chosen fabric stretch well and don’t lose the form as time goes by. Ask for some samples of the fabric you like, and stretch it out as much as possible.  Observe if when it contracts, the fabric acquires the original form, or if, by contrary, it become deformed.

Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie

You’ve just read some suggestions to choose  the right fabric. We hope that it is useful for you, since we know that buying furniture suppose an important investment  and a previous planning of the purchase. Remember always to check the long live, color, form and texture before doing the shopping.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to help you!

Thank you for your attention.
TD Group team

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