I hearken armchairs with a touch of class to your home with this particular chair

Who has not seen in a movie these armchairs with ears that accompany the sofas and offer resting only the person at that time want to sit in. It is a particular single element, where relaxation is not shared. You are just you and the chair. In this setting worthy of any reading that price, who has not ever imagined when reading any story the typical narrator of the story sat in one of these chairs while people listen carefully lie around, as if the center the universe was concentrated for a moment on that one point.

Hence this type of chairs are for a very specific audience looking for something concrete, something personal, seek their accommodation, their relaxing time without having to share, as on a sofa where at some point we know we have to share our space vital.

It is not uncommon therefore to see this kind of chairs always located in pleasant and usually stays with fireplaces. Although today is already part of any environment where just looking for personal comfort.


Furniture designers today have taken this traditional form to a new level of elegance

Group Tapizados Doñana we like these models in particular, because they are full of character with a distinctive style that makes them a different and welcoming element. We think that, contrary to many opinions, this kind of chairs are not unfashionable since have changed significantly, partly because furniture designers today have taken this traditional form to a new level of elegance.

The first wingback chairs were designed back in the 17th century to protect its occupants against the currents of cold as they sat before the fire, but today it is no longer necessary because the fireplace is not used in most homes. Only the pleasure of preserving this traditional form of the past and update it for use and enjoyment in the present have to remain a key product in any furniture catalog.

If you have not enjoyed the rest that offers an armchair with ears, look at our products on the web or our exposure and we are happy to show you the models we have so you can try and let yourself wrap your warm embrace and so convince yourself that you to have one.

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